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Edible Homescapes is excited to offer produce from our debut Market Garden in Westport, Massachusetts


After an excellent first season, we are looking forward to seeing you next year! Visit us at our farmers markets to get some of the bounty!

At Edible Homescapes, our mission is to help generate local food security, community resilience, and mitigate climate change and environmental destruction by installing home-scale regenerative agricultural systems. 


We offer comprehensive edible home gardening services that focus on helping homeowners grow, harvest, and use a wide variety of edible and useful plants on their own property. We design, install, and maintain all aspects of an edible landscape.

We believe that helping to shift our world in a sustainable direction doesn't have to be a sacrifice. With Edible Homescapes, we help you grow your property AND the health of our society, environment and local food systems.


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