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Pear Tree
Natural Disaster

Custom Raised Beds 


We design and install your very own customized edible landscape. Vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries, garden construction and hardscapes. From intimate front door herb gardens to expansive fruiting woodlands, we make your landscape work for you! Call now for a free site consultation


Fruit Trees 

Already have a garden you like but need some help or advice? We understand that sometimes growing everything you want can be more work than you want. We offer an on-call gardening service to those avid home gardeners who know what they want and what they're doing but could use an extra hand now and then to bring the full harvest home.


Mushroom Yards


If you're a DIY-er, you can schedule a site visit for a small fee and we will walk and talk with you about ideas for your own Edible Homescape.​


Forest Gardens

Edible Gardens

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